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Find The Best Service At The Best Price For Repainting Your RV

RV painting" is similar to painting a car only the RV is much bigger. This type of painting takes special skill and equipment. Most people lack the ability to do this type of painting, because of the equipment and training needed to do the job properly. Professional "RV Painting" will involve air brush technology that allows mixing and matching of custom colors to give many options with a paint design or pattern. The paint job could be a single color or multiple colors with patterns and designs depending on the owners taste. 

A RV is an expensive asset, probably second only to a house.  "Repainting your RV" is very important to maintaining the appearance and the value of the RV. The followings are some things to keep in mind when Repainting your RV.

  1. Any body work to repair damage should be done before painting or the new paint job may be ruined when the body work is done. Also, any rust should be sanded off and the area patched and primed before “Repainting your RV” or the rust will continue to deteriorate the body of the RV.
  2. Inquire at forums and blogs on the internet that caters to RV owners about "Repainting your RV". There should be plenty of useful information to be obtained at these sites.  Get ideas about the color and color combinations or designs and patterns that are possible.  Then make a decision as to the “RV Painting” to be done.
  3. It may be necessary to remove any attachments to the exterior for the RV before RV Painting is possible. Racks, railings awnings and antennas may get in the way of painting since sprayers are used and it will be impossible to totally control where the paint ends up. If those items are not intended for painting remove them from the RV before paining begins.
  4. All windows and chrome areas or other areas of the RV exterior not intended to be painted must be covered by paper to keep the paint from hitting the surface of those areas. The paper is attached using tape to hold it in place.  A good wash before tape is applied might help the tape stick in place, whereas dirt might prevent tape from sticking. 
  5. Research the types of paint available for “Repainting your RV’. There will be different brands and different quality of paints available and the prices will be different as well. Select the paint based on quality and the budget available. Try to get the best paint for the best price; the paint job should last several years.
  6. Make a list of everything to be done and go over it with the shop manager so the workers will know everything they are expected to do and the price quote will include all of the required work. Miss-understandings about the work can lead to changes in the price after the job has begun, this type situation should be avoided if possible.
  7. Inspect the paint job during process a couple of time a day if possible. This will enable the owner to question anything that does not look right or that was not expected.  Adjustments to the job can be made as the work is being done if the owner is there and see something different that needs to be done.

Once the RV Painting is complete, conduct a final inspection and enjoy the New looking RV.

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