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RV Delamination

Anyone who owns an RV or a motor home knows that the unit needs maintenance. This is true for any vehicle and for any home. A recreational vehicle is usually designed to serve both needs, which makes both home and vehicle maintenance important. The owner needs to change the oil as well as make sure the roof and other items are in good repair. One of the more complicated processes is repair delamination.

Delaminated wall panels are exactly what it sounds like. The paneling can come off on the walls of a recreational vehicle, just as they can come off in a house. The laminated panels found in homes are usually less likely to go through this process.  An RV owner needs to fix the area where the panels are coming off or to replace the panels entirely, especially if he does not want to sell the RV. If he chooses to repair delamination areas, he needs to know how the manufacturer secured the panels to the wall in the first place.

If it is simply a matter of putting glue on the affected panels, it should take a few minutes. The quick repair job, however, may not suit the needs of a particular motorhome. Sometimes more work is needed.

If the RV owner intends to resurface the whole area, he should approach it as a home improvement project. He needs to buy enough wall panels to cover the affected area. He also needs to take down the old paneling. He can put up the new paneling with hammers, nails, and many other products.

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