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Introduction and History of RV Clearcoat Paint & Body
George (Jake) Pilcher is the founder of R.V. Clearcoat Paint & Body.  He has a life time of solving repair problems.  Jake having owned his own auto body shop starting at age 27 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  For 7 years he built that business and a rust proofing business.

Selling out in 1977 and moving to warm Naples, Florida.  There, he founded Pilcher Auto Rebuilders.  It became one of the largest and most modern auto body shops in Florida.

In Naples in the mid 80's he also founded Vanex Inc. a company that extended the new mini vans and also put on raised tops, custom interiors and paint schemes.

In the 80's he often traveled across the U.S. teaching shop management and selling computer systems for 3 M also teaching certified auto repair procedures for ICAR.
Turning to the new R.V. industry in the mid 90's he saw the need and developed a clear coat system to rejuvenate the many older faded motor homes.

In July 1999 he purchased 3 acres for his future motor home business in Tampa 2 miles from Lazy Days.

For the next 6 months cleaning and cleaning the land, building the buildings and installing a 55' paint booth.
We also started to build a good working relationship with Lazy Days and other dealers in the area, starting by re-furbishing their older used trade-ins.  Over the last 10 years we have maintained a great relationship with Lazy Days others.  We moved from re-furbishing there older units to only the repair and painting of there new high end  trade-ins.  They gave me a great opportunity to prove myself and gain in a short amount of time a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this new RV industry.  We build basement doors and manufacture most RV parts (fenders, etc).  If you are puzzled and interested in finding out what you can do with your aging motor home call me.  I will share with you what over 700 other motor home owners have decided to do with their older motor homes.

Now located at 3602 Boot Bay Road in Plant City.  Easy access from I-4 and Branch Forbes Rd.
Beauchamp Rd changes name to be Boot Bay Rd.

Put this experience to work for you.  Call for more information 8:00am to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.
1-813-503-2881 Ask for Greg.

Thank you for your time. I hope I have helped you and also look forward to talking to you and making your coach look new.